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Effects and uses

It detoxifies

SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water is a natural laxative which gently removes toxins from the body. Regular consumption will assist your digestion, support weight loss and generally purge the organism. It is ideal for your lifestyle.

It contains Magnesium

SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water is a highly mineralized natural mineral water with the high natural content of magnesium (692 mg/l) on sale in the Czech market. It has not been artificially thickened and it will provide you with magnesium, an element which you not only need for the correct functioning of your digestive tract, but also for your nervous system, muscles and heart. The recommended daily dose of magnesium is 375 mg.

A natural solution to constipation

The laxative effects of SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water are down to the content of two mineral salts: Epsom Salts (MgSO4 * nH20) and Glauber’s Salt (Na2SO4 * Nh20). Sulphates of sodium and magnesium bind to water in the digestive tract and dilute any harmful substances which then easily leave the body. As such, SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water eliminates backward retention and prevents the subsequent absorption of toxins from waste products in the large intestine back into the body.

It is not habit forming / It can be used regularly

SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water has a slightly alkaline pH (specifically 7.4) which is almost the same as the pH of human mucous or blood. What you drink has come from natural sources and has not been chemically modified. As well as the natural intake of mineral substances, it also assists with the removal of waste products and toxins from the body. Unlike other types of laxatives it is not habit forming during regular use. Its effectiveness remains high (which some drops or powders are unable to guarantee).

It assists the lymphatic system

Everybody needs to occasionally “purge” their body of toxins. When you cleanse your body on the inside, you will feel it on the outside in the quality of your skin and increased vitality. It is recommended to regularly drink pure vegetable and fruit juice along with SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water in order to achieve an effective purge.

Everything is easier with SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water, because all you have to do is drink it (and then set aside some time when you are able to remain in the vicinity of a toilet).

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The numbers of people suffering from digestion disorders and constipation are on the increase due to sedentary jobs and insufficient movement. Insufficient fluid intake only serves to exacerbate these problems. SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water is ideal for everybody who wants to purge him or herself of harmful substances or who wants a healthy lifestyle.

It also supports those who wish to lose weight. Thanks to its 100% natural origins, SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water can also be drunk by pregnant women.

Šaratica | Zácpa, zažívání, hubnutí a detoxikace organismu všude tam vám pomůže Šaratica Šaratica | Příznivé účinky Šaratice
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It is difficult to precisely designate how much SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water you should drink. Each of us is a different size and we have different weights and intestinal functions. We recommend that adults (due to laxative effects) drink between 150 and 250 ml on an empty stomach per day. Who have already Saratica drink regularly recommended 50 ml each after meals, preferably 2 x 3 a day

Šaratica pomáhá při zácpě, usnadňuje zažívání a podporuje hubnutí. Zácpa je pro Šaraticu výzva!


The fact that drinking SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water will put some pep in your step has been known for centuries. It began to be bottled in 1896 and to be sold not only in Moravia, but also throughout the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire. The trademark was registered as early as in 1888 which means that it is one of the oldest in Europe.

What you won’t find in the history books, however, is mention of this mineral water in relation to the famous Battle of Three Emperors at Austerlitz, where, as luck would have it, this mineral water bubbles up from the ground. The defeated troops apparently camped near to the spring and they drank deeply of the water. It is therefore quite possible that some Russian and Austrian soldiers lost this significant battle for Europe while still in camp and not in any overly commendable position...

You can find more information on the history of SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water here.

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A protected source

The SO4 - Na - Mg mineral water collection area is located in a picturesque landscape in the environs of Újezd u Brna, not far from the battlefield of Austerlitz, where the Battle of Three Emperors took place in 1805.

The protected zones for the natural spring water have been enforced by the Ministry of Health for more than 50 years, specifically on the basis of Regulation IL-480.4 – 21.6.1963

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